Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jordi boy

I was so busy with Juliet this week as she was sick I didn't get many pictures of the boys but Jordan wanted his picture, he said "Grandma I need to tell you something" Ok, what would you like to tell me?" " I love you so much grandma!" How sweet is that?'


In between bouts of fever and throwing up Juliet tried to do some things, she wanted to help grandma fix dinner, what a cute little helper she was.
Throwin up on your clothes has an advantage, grandma buys you new ones! She looks adorable in her new play clothes.

Poor Juliet

Jenny went to Stake girls camp this week so we have been helping Pete out with the kids so he doesn't loose too much work! Unfortunately Juliet got sick on Thursday with a fever and vomiting!there is one and only one nice thing about children being sick, they love to sit quietly and be cuddled! Juliet needed to get out so we took the kids to an arcade so the boys could play but Juliet was just not feeling well and fell asleep even with all the loud music and sounds of arcade machines! 
She is such a joy in our lives this little sweet girl! She has the tiniest voice most of the time and then she can really be loud when playing with the boys or wanting something! We feel very blessed to have her in the our lives!

Juju Bee

Sweet little Juliet with her back pack on ready for a day of adventure in the backyard!
She is so funny and afraid of bugs especially ants! She squeals and say eeeek ants and runs away when she sees even a little one!
She was hiding from the camera! Getting very independent!

Family nostalgia

Fun nostalgia, someone posted this old photo on Face Book of Len fily when he was a teenager bottom row is Cherri, Melba, and Rulon. Top row is Len, Mark, Ron, and Melody! Melba and Rulon are both passed on now but memories like this are eternal!

Kids In The Candy Store

Like kids in a candy store! Oh wait they are in a candy store and enjoying every minute! They came a
Out with a bag full of sugar and smiles!
Juliet was enjoying her own little candy store-SHOES! This little girl loves shoes! She loves to put on and take off shoes, especially the pretty ones! 
Papa had to get in on the fun and loved the hunt for the good candy!

Sharing time

This was a fun week for sharing and being together with the kids! 
We went to the mall and had lunch and shared drinks! 
We hated laughs, love, and hugs! 
Mommy was gone to girls camp so we all pitches in to help and have fun

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Our Pete

It's rare to get a good photo op for Pere as he is a sucker and and a dodger if the camera! I looked up and saw him sitting in this tree and couldn't resist! Love this man child!

Family Fun Day

Pete and his family let me tag along for Family Fun Day 2015 at Purple Heart Park for Memorial Day!
Lots of hugs and happiness to go around free food and games for the kids!
Even a train ride for the boys, Juliet started out in the train but cries to get out! 
So she so Juliet opted for the jumpy castle instead and she had a blast!

The birthday boy!

A few years ago I had the opportunity to fly to Illinois and spend a few days with Dustin one on one! It was one of the highlights of my life we had so much fun talking and really getting to know each other!
Time has just flown by, Dustin is 38 this year! It has been a lot of struggles and challenges for him to get to this point in his life! He has weathered them all and is a stronger man because of it.
It's fun to set Dusty let his hair down and kick back!
He is a hard worker and is the owner of his own Tattoo shop in Illinois! He has built this business from nothing and is highly successful! So proud of you so !

Band of Brothers

For Dustins birthday Misty posted this great picture of the 3 brothers when they got together with Misty for a siblings trip to see Dusty. It is so great to see them all together. They have so much fun.

Happy 38th Birthday Dustin

Dustin also celebrated his birthday this week one day apart from his dad. We got to talk to him on the phone which was a treasure as he is so busy he never calls. He is doing much better, has hired a new guy for his shop that is going to be a real blessing to him. He has struggled for over a year with not enough help and working 14-16 hour days. He has also been dating a little and really seems to be happy with this new lady friend. Inoperable for him it works out. Happy birthday son.

Happy 62nd Birthday Len

This week we celebrated Len's 62 birthday. I can't believe we are considered senior citizens by the worlds standards now. We still feel like we are in our 30's. We took Len to lunch at a place called Biscuits. We had brunch because he had to work that day. Pete and his family joined in the brunch with us. Juliet made it interesting by up chucking at the end of the meal. It's always something of an adventure taking little kids to a sit down meal. Happy Birthday sweetheart, now he is anxious to get his life time national parks pass.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Something magical about watching your child be a parent! Well done Pete!

My Misty

Misty posted this great picture today on Facebook and said "To my mom, you are the wind beneath my wings"! I love that wonderful daughter of mine so much! 

Mothers Day 2015

For our Mothers Day fun we hiked into Collasal Cave here in Tucson in the Rincon mountain! It was very interesting and a great cave! The little boys were afraid at first but ended up having a great time! 
Nothing does this momma more proud and joyful than spending time with family! I love each one of my children with all my heart!
My beautiful mom!

Eyes Part 2

Looking so much better now

Eye should have known

So this was a rough week for me! I had some permanent eyeliner done and needed up with a horrible double eye infection!!!
On Sunday I ended up in urgent care getting antibiotics! This was seriously not fun! Pete and Len gave me a blessing and I was able to watch the miracle unfold! It took several days but I knew the moment that Heavenly Father sent the miracle and I am so grateful! 

Jordan turns 5

Happy 5th birthday to this little man, Jotdan Cruise Mendenhall! He is a quiet (well sometimes) easy going little man! He lives and breaths Transformers! Always in character or playing with them!
Jordan is his own little person, he marches to his own drummer and we get to come along for the ride! Happy Birthday little man!