Sunday, November 15, 2015

Misty's little flood

Wow Misty and her family have a a few challenges as of late. Yesterday she sent me this photo of their  living room! They had to move everything from the basement upstairs as they had a flood down their from a broken water heater! It's been extremely cold there in Colirado this week as they got their first winter storm of the year. Not a great time to have a flood and no hot water! Wow! She was cute though and said "Nobwirries Darth Vader is watching over everything! From his position among the furniture it looks like he was the first one saved from the flood ha ha!

Sibling fun

Jenny has been busy taking pictures this week as her mom is coming to visit! She had them enlargedbandnpu them in big frames in the entry hall of her home! She did a great job, she is very talented! After my own heart!


She is our little resident Tom boy Princess! She is all sparkle, lace, tut, and ribbons but can hold her own on the  play ground or at home with her brothers. She giggle and sings and talks all day long. Her vocabulary is really advanced for her age I think! She always says to me "Grandma?"  And I say "What?" And she says "I really  love you."  I say, " I love you to!" And she says, "Thanks!" Or she will say "Ibreally like your hair or your shirt or you earrings!" She notices everything and compliments you on it and is you compliment her back she always follows it with a "Thanks"! So adorable! 


What a handsome little man. Jordan is 5 years old and in kindergarten. We worried that he would have a hard time in school as he was a little home body. He has proved us all wrong, he is doing great in school and seems to enjoy it. He proudly shows off his art projects and talks non stop when he gets home from school. He is everything "Transformers". Always in character as one of the Transformers especially his favorite Optimus Prime. 


Jackson is growing up so fast. This year he is in 2nd grade where he is also enrolled in advanced math. I asked him how he liked math and he said," it's ok it's pretty easy!" Wow I always did poorly in math so I am glad he doesn't take after me. He loves video games, DC comic super heroes and going yard sale shopping with grandma and mommy.