Sunday, January 3, 2016

Good Old Ned

This will be a huge year health wise for me. I was diagnosed in 2011 with a Menegioma Brain Tumor. The doctors in Utah just watched it every year and did yearly brain scans to track it. The tumor is located on the right frontal lobe of my brain surrounding the curated Rtery and impinging on the optic nerve. Because of location they opted to observe rather than surgery. However, this year I saw a new neurologist and had a new scan. He compared with previous scan and saw that the tumor was growing at a rate of 1mm a year which in and of itself was not to significant, but over the course of 5 years it has grown 5 mm which is huge. So this month Inwill be starting radiation therapy to kill the tumor cells. It's is a little frightening for me, but I know that I can do this. The above is a radiograph of the tumor.

Happy New Year 2016

A brand new year for the Mendenhall family. Len and I will have been married 42 years this year. Our children are scattered all over the U.S. And are doing well.
Misty's and her family live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brandon retired last year from the army and is now working as a civilian, Misty is teaching 2nd grade, and Kyla and Casey have both been accepted into the college their and will be moving out this month to live in the dorms. Misty and Brandon will now be empty Nestor's. Where does the time go?
Dustin is in Carbondale Illinois running his shop. It has been an interesting past year with so many changes in his employees. There were disappointments and back stabbing leaving him with only himself and a new apprentice working . This has caused him to work 14-16 hour days all week with very little time to do the things he wants and needs to get done. Lots of stress and anxiety for him. Hopefully 2016 will be a better year for him and he can take some time off.
Cory is stationed with the Coast Guard in Mystic Connecticut. He takes time to explore, photograph and paint many things in his area. He will most likely be transferred sometime this summer. He is waiting anxiously to hear where his next adventure will take him.
Pete and his cute family live here in Tucson not too far from us. We share many dinners, fun times, and game nights together. They will most likely be here another year or two. Jackson is on 2nd grade, Jordan is on kindergarten, and Ju┼éiet is the princess of the castle. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Farewell Dear Brother

This fine man our brother-in-law Jay Alan Henderson lost his battle with lung cancer on December 26, 2015.
Jay was a man of many talents.not the least was his way with people. He had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in his life. He always had a smile and a big bear hug for everyone.
Even though our family was far apart in miles, he loved our kids like his own. This cute picture was taken with Misty at our last family reunion on Pine Valley mountain in Utah. 
Even in his last few months and constant treatments, Jay remained upbeat and happy. His legacy will live on in his recorded music, his many theater productions and in the family he leaves behind. A life more than well lived, but much too short. Len is in Utah for the funeral. Farewell sweet Jay you will be missed more than you can ever know.