Sunday, April 26, 2015

The kiddos

I just love posting pictures of these kids. It's so fun to be here with them and watching the different phases of their lives. 
I get to go once in awhile to pick Jack up from schoo! Today we took nomads bread for his etcher Ms Crawford and for his aid Ms Kim.
Jordan is not as easy to get a picture of but here he was being such a good brother and holding Juliet's hand while we walked to get Jackson! 
Juju picking flowers!
Master Jackson sporting the GQ look

Zoo Fun Family Day

A few more pictures from the zoo!
We all have so much fun together! 
Feeding Elinore the giraffe brought a lot of fun squeals and excitement for these two boys! Jordan laughed because Elinire touched his hand with her very long and scratchy tongue! 
Fun day but very tiring for these two mommas! 
Who is this couple?! 
Me and my BFF!

Mission call

Friends of ours in Hurricane Utah the Lundeens! Daughter Chari got here mission call this week to the great state of Washington -she leaves July 29th! So proud of her! We love this great family! Kelly and Tina Lundeen!


Taking selfies with a 2 year old!
Grandma loves Juju!


Having so much fun watching this little one grow up and each day she discovers something new! She lives the wind to blow here hair- she says "Gramma wind" ohhh and turns her face up to feel it like its the best feeling ever! 
She lives all things girl, never misses a chance to have a "pretty"'in her hair!
Little diva for sure, loves shoes - after all she is a girl!

My Lemmon day date

Lunch at the Sawmill atop Mt Lemmon at Summerhaven was so yummilicious!
This place was so crazy busy, everyone wants to come up to escape the heat of Tucson and there are only 3 restaurants up here! Well worth the drive!
Looking down on the road coming up the mountain! It is 9000 ft up here!
The landscape today was unbelievable to say the least! The cloud formations were amazing! 
The best part was sharing it all with my sweetheart who lives the same things I do and stands in awe of the majesty of beautiful landscapes and scenery! Love being here in Tucson so much!

Mt. Lemmon

For our date day this week we went to Mt. Lemmon for lunch. We ate at the Sawmill Resturant and it was so good.
We had so much fun on the drive up the mountain. It takes about an hour from our houses to the very top of the mountain and we went from 75 degrees in Tucson to 37 degrees on the top of the mountain at Summerhaven. What a treat for our eyes, the c loud formations and scenery were outstanding for us to see.

Pete and Jenny's new home in Tucson

Pete and Jenñy are now home owners. They purchased their new home here in Tucson a few weeks ago and are so excited. Here is a winter shot of the house. The tree is now all green and flowers growing under the windows. 
They have started making their home their own. Jenny is painting walls and Pete is painting murals for the kiddos. Here is Juliets room... Hello Kitty! Pete free handed this painting and did a great job. Now on to the boys room.

Camping trip for Dustin.

More photos of Dustins camping trip. He learned outdoor cooking through his years in scouting and also family vacations where we did a lot of Dutch oven cooking. Way to show off those skills Dustin, I bet you were impressive.
There is the river crossing again this time with car in tow. Looks like a start to a beautiful camping trip. Blue skies and warm weather.
Dustin and Michelle.
No camping trip would be complete without the perversion outhouse picture! Rocking the port a potty.

Prom 2015

This week was prom pretty much everywhere. Here is Casey and Savannah ready to rock their prom. Cute couple! They said they had lots of fun.

Dustin taking some time off

Dustin has been working some crazy long days at his shop lately. For many months now he has been down 2 artists so it has made things at work really tough. To keep his shop going he works crazy long hours. It is so rare that he has any time off, but this week he and his friend Michelle Scott took off and went camping.
Here is Dustins friend Michelle. She is a veterinarian in Illinois and has her own practice which keeps her very busy also. It is rare they can find time to have fun.
Here they kids are taking a scooter ride through the Forrest together...nice glasses Dust.

Waiting for the river to recede Dustin? Maybe you better ferry across, looks like it might be a long wait.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Misty and her man

Misty is the most precious daughter. She is always happy, always laughing, and always forever in love with her man.
Brandon retired this year form his service in the army! He is exploring different options and avenues for his time. He teaches at one if the universities in Colorado Springs. It is just a few classes, and in his other time he is hoping to be a day trader on the stick market! Always a little risky but he is super smart so I have no doubts it will turn out to be his 'real' job soon.
I could never do justice with words for this beautiful daughter of ours! She is so talented, so sweet inside and out. We love her more than words can say! 

Happy Sublings Day

Misty posted this great picture if the kids when they were small! I miss those days, we had the greatest kids ever...
And still do! They have all grown up to be highly successful in their lives and super uber talented! Misty the oldest is a school teacher and a very good one, she is teaching 1st grade this year in Colorado Springs. Dustin owns and operates his tattoo shop in Carbobdale Illinois! He is highly sought after in his art and tattoo work, so very busy that he works 12 -16 hour days just to keep it going. Cory is also Avery gifted artist. He has own awards and is also published in magazines of the US Coast Guard! He is also writing a book. Pete the youngest but never outdone is also an artist but his love is writing! He is working in his 2nd book, and working in getting his 1st novel published. Cory is reading and editing it for him. We are very proud of the great adults these precious children have become. We continue to stay close even with the distance we all live from ione another!

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Papa and I made up a scavenger hunt for the kids this year! 
We took them up to the church and had hidden eggs with clues for them to find. 
The while family got involved which made it so fun for the kids. 
Treats and teaching as we all enjoyed the time together. 
Papa and I got into the spirit of the fun too! 

Happy 60th Bitrthday

What a special birthday this year, Misty sent me this beautiful dragonfly overnight bag, Pete's family brought me flowers and took me to dinner and have me a cupcake tin! 
Len gave me pitted flowers and a gardening hat and took me to a movie! Mom and dad sent me a great cookbook and a gift card to Outback Steakhouse! Cards and phone calls from siblings and kids made my day super special!
For my birthday this year (I turned 60 on April 9th) I decided I wanted to have permanent eyeliner done! Oh mama that wa the most painful thing I have ever done. It really hurt, now the healin process!
My eyes are pretty site and swollen but I think when I heal I will be happy I had it done! Will need some touch up work done though as expected so one more session if excruciating pain in about 3 weeks! Happy Birthday to me!

Park fun

Park time with papa is the best. We live getting out in the fresh air and playing at the park. The weather in Tucson is so mild most if the time which gives us many opportunities to play! Juliet loves her papa!
Juliet especially lives to swing and could do it for hours! She loves looking at the sky and feeling the breeze on her face. She always says "wind grandma in my hair!"
Pete was entertaining the boys by being a flag flying in the wind, now that takes strength!