Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sabino Canyon Tram Tour

The tram we ride on up the 3.8 mile canyon was really fun for the little boys! Jackson counted off each bridge as we crossed-to the tours guides delight! There were 9 total bridges like this one that crossed the creek!
At the turn around we were able to disembark for a couple minutes to take pictures. Juliet and Papa learning about desert flowers.
This little girl our Juju lives everything about flowers and bushes and things in nature. She is only 2 but seems so much older. Don't grow up too fast little one!
At each if the bridge crossings there are pools of water from rain run off on Mt. Lemmon. It really was a beautiful drive and so much fun sharing the adventure with the kids!
Plat time at the beach! What, is that cactus  in the background? Why yes it is, The Beach in Sabino Canyon.

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