Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Sublings Day

Misty posted this great picture if the kids when they were small! I miss those days, we had the greatest kids ever...
And still do! They have all grown up to be highly successful in their lives and super uber talented! Misty the oldest is a school teacher and a very good one, she is teaching 1st grade this year in Colorado Springs. Dustin owns and operates his tattoo shop in Carbobdale Illinois! He is highly sought after in his art and tattoo work, so very busy that he works 12 -16 hour days just to keep it going. Cory is also Avery gifted artist. He has own awards and is also published in magazines of the US Coast Guard! He is also writing a book. Pete the youngest but never outdone is also an artist but his love is writing! He is working in his 2nd book, and working in getting his 1st novel published. Cory is reading and editing it for him. We are very proud of the great adults these precious children have become. We continue to stay close even with the distance we all live from ione another!

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