Sunday, July 19, 2015

Random goodness

Watching cartoons!
Better than a candy store for this little princess is a shoe store! She loves shoes, and who doesn't?
Juliet reading a story to Papa!
Juliet eating a snack in her  princess chair.

Worth the wait

A sweet friend of ours, Ann Moffitt from our ward in Urah was married this week! She has had a very rough coue of years as her marriage of over 25 years to a man she lived with all her heart and had 4 beautiful children - ended with no advance notice because her husband was unfaithful! She was Decaster but remained faithful to the Lord and trusted Him to help everything turn out for her and her children! She went to the temple every week and continued to serve and live and things did turn out great for her - she was led to this wonderful man, congratulations Ann!

Happy 63rd Anniversary

My wonderful parents celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary this week! What an expel of love, perserverance, and dedication they have shown! Their lives have not been easy but theyvstuckbtogether like glue through all the trials and hardships and the fun goodtimes! I love them both deeply and eternally!

Fun at the not so fun ghetto park!

Juliet and her poles, she is just so cute I can't help myself!
Where are you Juju?
Where is Juju?
Oh there you are... Priceless!
Oh and there is Jordan too, Jackson is MIA!
But we found Papa too!

Sibling smiles

I. Oils take pictures all day!
These boys have their moments of discontent but they sure are cute.
Everybody say CHEESE!
Her big brother and partner in crime, she does everything he does guess she wants to be just like him!
Everything is filled with wonder in Juliets eyes!

Dental floss anyone

Jacksons tooth is almost out! Yikes hanging by a thread!

Love this man

Road trip fun with my BFF
Colorado mountain views, Piles Peak!
Colorado mountain town lunch at the bakery, yummy!

Kyla and grandma

Kyla had to work for most of the time we were there but I just love this picture we got together watching the 4th if July fireworks from the Dairy Queen parking lot! She is just the sweetest most loving young woman!
Eating at the BBQ place with this cute girl!

Hiking with the family

We had so much fun hiking with Mistys family in the Garden Of the Gods in Colorado Springs!

Jumping the canyon at Garden of the Gods

Too much fun jumping the canyon with Papa
Grandma (me)
More Casey
And even more Casey

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Car troubles

Went to eat for lunch on our trip to Mistys house and when we finished eating the car would not start. We tried everything we knew and then had to call for the Calvary!
We waited what seemed like forever for help to come and prayed the whole time that it would not cost us a lot. It took all of 10 minutes total and cost us nothing we felt so blessed! Goodbye Wahlsenberg!