Sunday, November 15, 2015

Misty's little flood

Wow Misty and her family have a a few challenges as of late. Yesterday she sent me this photo of their  living room! They had to move everything from the basement upstairs as they had a flood down their from a broken water heater! It's been extremely cold there in Colirado this week as they got their first winter storm of the year. Not a great time to have a flood and no hot water! Wow! She was cute though and said "Nobwirries Darth Vader is watching over everything! From his position among the furniture it looks like he was the first one saved from the flood ha ha!

Sibling fun

Jenny has been busy taking pictures this week as her mom is coming to visit! She had them enlargedbandnpu them in big frames in the entry hall of her home! She did a great job, she is very talented! After my own heart!


She is our little resident Tom boy Princess! She is all sparkle, lace, tut, and ribbons but can hold her own on the  play ground or at home with her brothers. She giggle and sings and talks all day long. Her vocabulary is really advanced for her age I think! She always says to me "Grandma?"  And I say "What?" And she says "I really  love you."  I say, " I love you to!" And she says, "Thanks!" Or she will say "Ibreally like your hair or your shirt or you earrings!" She notices everything and compliments you on it and is you compliment her back she always follows it with a "Thanks"! So adorable! 


What a handsome little man. Jordan is 5 years old and in kindergarten. We worried that he would have a hard time in school as he was a little home body. He has proved us all wrong, he is doing great in school and seems to enjoy it. He proudly shows off his art projects and talks non stop when he gets home from school. He is everything "Transformers". Always in character as one of the Transformers especially his favorite Optimus Prime. 


Jackson is growing up so fast. This year he is in 2nd grade where he is also enrolled in advanced math. I asked him how he liked math and he said," it's ok it's pretty easy!" Wow I always did poorly in math so I am glad he doesn't take after me. He loves video games, DC comic super heroes and going yard sale shopping with grandma and mommy. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Uncle Jay Allen Henderson

Jay is married to Len's sister Melody! He is the most musically talented guy around. Jay writes lyrics, music, accompaniment, and sings beautifully. He has starred in countless community theater productions. Set his sons and daughter on their own path with music of which his son Jay Wiiliam is an accomplished musician and plays many venues and has produced several of his own music CD's. I want Ed to say a 
Little about Jay as this past year Jay has been battling full blown lung cancer. He is fighting a good fight. He posts on FB and is so positive and upbeat all the time. He jokes about his cancer and makes light of it when you know inside he must be frightened. The past few months he has grown increasingly weak and the cancer is progressing rapidly. Two weeks ago one of his lungs collapsed and they still have not been able to inflate the lung. This causes his breathing to be painful and labored. We pray for him and for Gods will. Pit doesn't look promising, but Jay is such a light to so many, he inspires goodness and love. He has been such a great husband to !elody even when she was going through her own dark days of depression and possession he would take her in his arms and dance with her,musing to her and tell her how beautiful she was. I really don't think Mrl would have made it without the love and support of her sweet Jay! I don't know what the near future will bring, I am worried that he will soon go to sing with the Angels. But until that time prayers and love are sent heavenward for Jay, Melody, Summer (and her family), and Michael. You have touched the lives of so many Jay...I am posting this picture of some cookies a friend sent to Jay. The story behind the Owls is that our daughter in law Jenny makes crocheted hats. She made an owl hat for Jay that he liked so u h that he named his music studio after it called Owl Hat Studios. When he would post on FB he would say things like "I am Owlin' tonight." We all knew this meant he was doing his music in the studio. Thus the owl shaped and cutely decorated cookies. We love you Jay, keep fighting the fight.

It's all about the shoes!👠

I a princess! Since Juliet always wants to be a princess, grandma just had to buy her some princess shoes. She looks way to grown up! Cutie pie!

The girls

Misty posted this picture on Face Book and the caption read...Sisters. Savannah is Caseys girlfriend and Misty's unofficial adopted daughter. She lives in their basement as she comes from a broken home where her living conditions were not ideal. It has made a huge difference I her life and in the lives of Misty and her family. Our darling adult granddaughter Kyla is center stage and looking so beautiful. She has turned into a stunning young woman. Then comes Daisy, who always wants to be the center of attention.

Chore chart

Juliet really wanted to help paint as we began our chore chart project. We took and old frame we got from Goodwill and painted it red!
It is fun to work on projects together as we each have our opinions of how it should go together and somehow it always does neither great minds working together!
Juju did a very good job with the paint brush she is a natural and I look forward to many happy crafting days with this little princess!

Camping 101

This weekend we took the kids to Mt. Lemmon for the ward camp out! It was a lot of fun! I think the boys had the most fun of all!
Juliet was so excited the day before w e went and she explored everything- she was fascinated with the tent and that she would sleep in it! 
They had wagons to carry your gear to the camp site but Juliet wanted to ride too! She had so much fun!

Ward camp out 2015

The ward camp out was so fun, laughter, talking, eating, the smells and sounds of happiness. Juj wanted to take her Barbie for a walk so we stuck her in the jacket and off we went! Juju loves to be going all the time she has so much energy!
The sunset was so amazing this night, many people posted about it on Face Book and we got to see it from the top of Mt. Lemmon which was spectacular!
I caught this precious moment of our Pete taking some quiet time to witness Gods  majesty! 
Then the night fell and little Juju grew very concerned about the darkness and having to sleep in the tent was frightening for her! Grandma tried to console her by showing her the stars...she said they were very sparkly! She slept for a little while until the neighboring tent decided it was time to talk and sing around the campfire juju and the boys could not sleep so at 1:45 Pete threw in the towel and said we were leaving! Scaring poor me to death as he opened the van door- I thought for sure a bear was getting in and going to eat me! Down the mountain we went arriving home about 3:00 am! Papa and Ibwent up the next morning to take down the camp! Pap couldn't go to camp as he works nights! We sure did miss him!
The little boys were so cute trying to roast their hot dogs for dinner, their daddy out did himself with this awesome fire (the best one in the whole camp everyone came to use ours) it was so hot though the boys couldn't get close enough to roast their dogs! Daddy helped! 
Here Pere is starting his amazing fire with only one match and no paper or lighter fluid- that man is a scout!
Tent is up, beds rolled out and the party begins! 
Where's Juju?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Apple Annie's Fruit Orchard

We loaded up the mini van and headed to Willcox Arizona this beautiful Saturday morning ready for an adventure. Pete is so good to always include us I the fun.
The orchards were full of ripening fruit. Jackson is showing Juliet something fun as she eats a delicious Asian pear. 
Jenny and I have so much fun together we couldn't pass up a selfie.
Juju was grandmas buddy for the day. We always buddy up with one of the kids so we know everyone has somebody watching out for them! Juliet loved eating this pear!
Buckets of delicious fun for the whole family. We just had to get a snow come it was pretty hot!
Who doesn't love a wagon ride? The kids really got into the spirit of picking fruit! 
The d tractors were fun for the kiddos to see! 
Jackson lives to be the tour director and he is a pretty good one too! It was a super fun day for all!

We will never forget!

It was 14 years ago on September 11, 2001 that America was attacked on her own soil! A tragic day for a nation like ours. Muslim extremists got control of 4 airliners and began a horrific attack on America! At about 8:10 in the morning the first jumbo jet was flown over New York into the heart of the city hitting tower #1. I was driving to work and heard the news say a smal plane had accidentally hit one of the twin towers. I thought to myself how did a small plane not see he was flying over NY and then hit the building! But then the news vroke in again and said abscond plane had hit tower #2 and that both planes were big jets carrying passengers! There was no question then that this was a deliberate act of terrorism! First responders scrambled to help the people trapped in the burning buildings as disbelief and horro struck our nation at the very core! Everything  across the nation came to a stand still, all planes were grounded and we watch the television with horror as the buildings started to collapse. People in desperation that help was not coming jumped from high above the ground to their deaths! The horror was not over as the news came I. To say another plane had been flown into the pentagon. Fire and smoke flooding the skies over Washington DC and NYC. Madness, when would it stop? What was next! Feeling heleas and scared the nation glued to the news casts! Then another hijacked plane missing the White House and crashing into a Pennsylvania field killing all 163 people aboard Flight 93. It did not go down without a fight as many passengers frantically using their cell phones to alert loved ones. A military man aboard took charge and his last words to his wife were "Let's Roll"! There are many theories about why the jet crashed into a fid and we will toons my never know- but many lives were saved that day because it did! So heart wrenching for the families of those who were aboard!  This day will remain in infamy as 911, this day we honor those who lost their lives to this senseless act of cowardice and hate! Our nation has never been the same, for awhile we were stronger but we are slowly forgetting our brotherhood and patriotism- our country is I. Dire straits because of lack of leladershop and because of pride. I will never forget where u was when the wod stopped turning for one brief moment! I was driving on I-70 toward my work in Grand  Junction Colorado! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lip Sync Battle at Rita Ranch

Is this Peter or Rick Astley? This week our ward held a ward party called Lip Sync battle - people submitted entries and we all enjoyed a night of silliness and music!
The talented Jenny made fix ears and tails for her and the kids and they lip synced to the song "What does the Fox say?" It was so cute and the kids had a great time!
Jackson always gets to model for his moms creations, soon he will think he's too old!

Polar Bear Leap

I wanted to post these amazing photos Ciry sent back form the 83 parallel on his voyage to the North Pile with the Ciast Guard Cutter Healy and crew! This polar bear is ruggedly handsome! So healthy looking!
Cory captured this shot of him preparing to leap from one ice floe to another, get ready... Get set...
Well it might take a drink of water and some dinner to get the courage to make that leap!
...GO!  What a beautiful photograph! 

Three Dog Night

Len surprised me with concert tickets to go see Three Dog Night, a rock band from the 60's that we grew up dancing to and listening to! What an awesome surprise!
The concert was held at the Desert Duamond Casino here in Tucson in a beautiful summer evening just after a rain storm! 
So excited to go rock out! Funny thing everyone there looked like old peoe, yet they are our peers - that's a real eye opener to our own mortality!

Birthday Week for Jenny

Here is the yummy chicane cake I made for Jenny's 29th birthday 🎈
I sure have fun with this cute lady, Jenny keeps me sane! She is so sweet to always include me in their fun, meals, and shopping! We had a great week for her birthday week!

Old Friends

We got a text from some old friends from Texas Insung and Beverly Lee this week! They have a daughter who lives in Tucson that they were visiting so we got together for lunch. 
When we lived at Ft hood Tx the last time we were in the same ward as the Lee family - they had children close to our kids ages so becoming friends was easy! They lived in the next circle from us also! Their oldest son Kysun became Mistys first serious infatuation! They dated for several months and Misty endeared herself to Sister Lee! 
Brother Lee did well for himself both in the military and in his civilian career! He was a great friend and mentor to Len! It was as if no time had passed in our friendship and it's been 24 years since we saw them last. Insung is retired now and they help take care of grandchildren, he also served 3 times as a bishop like Len!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Baby Kyla

Throw back to 1995 with this jewel of Grandma and baby Kyla ( who turns 21 this October) seems like just yesterday!

Random fun

Random pics of this weekend, lunch at Costa Vida with the family!
Shoe shopping with Juliet and Papa! 

And Jenny found this awesome princess costume for Juliet and she loves it so much, grandma got her princess shoes to match!