Sunday, September 13, 2015

Apple Annie's Fruit Orchard

We loaded up the mini van and headed to Willcox Arizona this beautiful Saturday morning ready for an adventure. Pete is so good to always include us I the fun.
The orchards were full of ripening fruit. Jackson is showing Juliet something fun as she eats a delicious Asian pear. 
Jenny and I have so much fun together we couldn't pass up a selfie.
Juju was grandmas buddy for the day. We always buddy up with one of the kids so we know everyone has somebody watching out for them! Juliet loved eating this pear!
Buckets of delicious fun for the whole family. We just had to get a snow come it was pretty hot!
Who doesn't love a wagon ride? The kids really got into the spirit of picking fruit! 
The d tractors were fun for the kiddos to see! 
Jackson lives to be the tour director and he is a pretty good one too! It was a super fun day for all!

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