Sunday, September 20, 2015

Uncle Jay Allen Henderson

Jay is married to Len's sister Melody! He is the most musically talented guy around. Jay writes lyrics, music, accompaniment, and sings beautifully. He has starred in countless community theater productions. Set his sons and daughter on their own path with music of which his son Jay Wiiliam is an accomplished musician and plays many venues and has produced several of his own music CD's. I want Ed to say a 
Little about Jay as this past year Jay has been battling full blown lung cancer. He is fighting a good fight. He posts on FB and is so positive and upbeat all the time. He jokes about his cancer and makes light of it when you know inside he must be frightened. The past few months he has grown increasingly weak and the cancer is progressing rapidly. Two weeks ago one of his lungs collapsed and they still have not been able to inflate the lung. This causes his breathing to be painful and labored. We pray for him and for Gods will. Pit doesn't look promising, but Jay is such a light to so many, he inspires goodness and love. He has been such a great husband to !elody even when she was going through her own dark days of depression and possession he would take her in his arms and dance with her,musing to her and tell her how beautiful she was. I really don't think Mrl would have made it without the love and support of her sweet Jay! I don't know what the near future will bring, I am worried that he will soon go to sing with the Angels. But until that time prayers and love are sent heavenward for Jay, Melody, Summer (and her family), and Michael. You have touched the lives of so many Jay...I am posting this picture of some cookies a friend sent to Jay. The story behind the Owls is that our daughter in law Jenny makes crocheted hats. She made an owl hat for Jay that he liked so u h that he named his music studio after it called Owl Hat Studios. When he would post on FB he would say things like "I am Owlin' tonight." We all knew this meant he was doing his music in the studio. Thus the owl shaped and cutely decorated cookies. We love you Jay, keep fighting the fight.

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