Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fun in the Arizona sun!

The weather is already getting hot it was 93 today so what better to do than hit the splash pad!
Juliet ran and ran to her hearts content  not minding if she got wet! She lived every minute of the day!
Jordan giggled so much, he must have been getting tickled by the water spouts! He even sat on them, so fun to see him having a good te!
The kids play together so well and the laughter was contagious!
Jackson was manning the water gun, he soaked everyone who got in his way! This little boy is growing up so gnats! 
Water fun for everyone!

Easter Time approaches

Easter times and we are loving it! The flowers coming out everywhere, the kids getting new clothes!
Getting out and taking walks to enjoy the warm weather and stopping to smell the flowers! 
Spending time with the Grandkids, sunglasses, short sleeved shirts!
The wonders of discovery, touching, smelling, and watching bees pollinate the flowers! The world is a classroom just waiting to be discovered!
My heart melts whenever I see this precious daughter if Gid! She has such a living heart, she runs and screams and laughs when Papa and grandma come- it's so nice to be loved!

Pomegranate Bushes

My dad loves to start pomegranate bushes from scratch! When we moved to Tucson he gave me a start! It looked like a dead stick for most if the winter but now look at it! We are so excited and. Would love to plant more! Thanks dad!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Colorado Kids

I am not around this girl enough and she is growing up before our eyes! She is beautiful inside and out! 
Misty and her family have so much fun together, they hike and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. Savannah is pretty much adopted into her family she is so lucky to have the love of this family!
Misty and her boy! Casey is such a great young man, he is working right now at Baskin Robbins ice creamery. He has such a great sense of humor and a great love for his momma! Boy we miss these kids!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

đŸ‘‘Princess Juliet

All dressed up in her Easter dress! 

Gilbert Temple Trip

Getting us some Temple Time! Our day date this week was a drive to the Gilbert Temple! It is a suburb of Phoenix! What a beautiful day it was with my sweetheart! Got upe. Ally and drive the 2 hours to Gilbert! 
The session was so spiritual, one if the best experiences I have had at the temple! The new film is inspired and well done we both felt the spirit strongly today! The decor in this temple was simple and elegant! The colors and stained glass were so soothing and simply exquisite! It added to the special spirit there! We felt blessed to be able to spend this time at the temple!

Kid fun

My weeks pretty mush consist of the same things, the ones that bring me joy and that is spendin time with the kids! Jackson learned to ride a 2 wheel bike this week and that was a huge accomplishment! One of those life altering things we learn to do that defines us as moving up in the world! At first he was just too scared and didn't have self confidence (we have all been there). Then with some great encouragement and some bribery from grandma he tried it! We are all a little wobbly when we first tackle something hard or new, he kept trying and before you knew it he was riding like a pro! His confidence is through the roof and he and grandmas went to get the promised Banana Split!
Juliet is such a darling little girl! There is no fear in this one! She tries to do everything and anything even things that the boys won't attempt!  She climbed up on this electrical box all by herself! Gave her mom a heart attack at church when she disappeared from the nursery and had the whole ward looking for her! She was hiding in a room with the door closed! She climbs monkey bars, slides and walls at the park with no apprehension at all! She can be very, very loud and then soft and sweet! She is very musical and know several songs and keeps in tune very well! Loves he Papa!
Went to babysit while the kids are meeting with the realtor about their house ! Juju always says "tubby, tubby" when she wants a bath! So I out her in the tub with bubbles and before I knew it we had a full house! Tabbies for everybody!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ice painting

This picture was so cute I just had to include it in the blog. I was babysitting Juliet while Jenny took Jackson to the doctor (he has strep throat)! So we took some ice cubes out in the back patio and did some "ice painting" making pictures with ice and watching them magically disappear! She loves doing it and even Jordan joined in the fun!

Patagonia day date

We took a little day trip and went south if Tucson to Patagonia, Sonita, and Nogales! What an interesting rude that was. As we went through the rolling hills it felt like we were in California!
The hills were rolling and grass covered with even eucalyptus trees and bay trees! It was so much fun. We stopped at a little bakery in Patagonia and bought some fun pastries and the lady there told us about an old ghost town not too far away. Only one adobe home still standing but there was a cemetery there that was interesting to poke around! 
We sure live for our day dates there is no one I would rather have an adventure with than my sweetheart!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The kids

I have been thinking a lot about my kids lately. They are all grown with their own lives. We rarely hear from Dusty as he is so busy with his shop. He needs more employees but is finding it difficult to find good help so he works 14-16 hour days. He lives in Murphysboro Illinois. Cory is also busy, we hear from him a little more often, he is in the Coast GuRd stationed in Mystic CT. He is a public affairs person at the Voast Guard Academy. He gets to write, draw, photograph and interview guardsmen and public figures in his job. Right. Is he is researching and writing a book. He recently took a trip overseas to France to research WWII sites for his book. Misty is also busy teaching school. She ,over it. Recently she started designing and making her a craft room at their house. She has a
new sewing machine. She likes to paint, craft, and sew and I see great things blossoming in that girl. Pete I in the process of buying his first home here in Tucson. They have an offer in on one now and are very excited to finally put down roots and have a place they can call home.

Happy Birthday Dan

My brother Dan had a birthday this month. He is living in Midland Texas right now where he is the foreman on a large hotel construction. He is such a great husband, father and brother, I sure miss him! Happy 58th little brother!

My man

Len is working for BE Aerospace! They build airline cabins and supply parts for building aircraft components! He likes it and it is something he is familiar with.. He works the 3:00 PM -11:45 PM shift! He gets home to sleep about midnight then has to get up at 5:30 to teach early morning seminary for the church! Then he rushes home and sleeps a couple more hours then spend the rest of the day until work time preparing the next lesson for seminary! He loves The Lord and wants to serve him as best he can! He never grumbles just is happy to be working and serving! Insure love this man!

At last!

I finally got a job after 4 long months! I am working for Dr. Richard Wahlbom as an assistant and I am so excited! 

Little Juliet

This little girl has my heart wrapped around her tiny little finger! She loves eating guacamole and even manages to get a facial out of her lunch!
Nothing like tubby time, Juju loves to swim like a fish and play with the bubbles! 
She picked upokies garden gloves and put them on and said "Gramma I Olaf!" Olaf is a Disney character from the movie  Frozen he is a snowman with stick arms so cute she would relate that!

Citrus out our ears!

Pretty excited about all this citrus! One of the homes Pete and Jenny were looking at had a grapefruit tree in the yard so we asked if we could have some and therealtor  said sure! Then a friend gave us some lemons and oranges - I think I am in heaven!

Hats off!

Pete saidntheybare doing some work in his office so they gave the airmen hard hats to wear! Pete blinged his out with DC comic symbols!!

Is this Kyla?

Misty said she came home from work and Kyla had dyed her hair black and had make up on. This is not like Kyla at all but it is fun to see her experiment and go outside her comfort zone! I think she did a great job! Beautiful young woman!

The Birthday Boy

CASEY TURNS 17! What? Wow time goes by so fast! He is working right now for Baskin Robbins ice cream store! He is hoping to get a better job soon! Happy Birthday young man!

Outdoor fun

When grandma comes to visit it's time for outdoor fun! Pete bought Jackba new bike so he could ride something more his size and shack gave his tricycle to Juliet!
Jordans friend Bryce gave him a scooter and Jordan loves riding it! He will do a little trick and he gets so excited - "grandma did you see me do that cool trick?"
Juliet just loves to feel the breeze in her hair she laughs and says..."wind in hair grandma." She always wants to "Walk, walk, walk!"

Laundry basket fun

Laundry baskets are not just for laundry, they can become and adventure with these boys! Jacks was a ghost ship sailin the open sea in search of bad guys! 
Jordan's was a ghost transformer! Everything is a transformer in Jordan's world! They love to play and imagine for sure!

Papa and Juliet

Nobody loves Juliet like papa! He takes every minute of free time (which is rare) to play with her and the boys! Our little park is the perfect place to play!
Papa come get me!

I scream for Ice cream!

Pete found a great ice cre place, he was our hero for the day! It was so yummy I got a turtle sundae to die for! 
Juliet and her mommy, she sure loves her mommy!

Phoenix get a way

Pete treated us to a little get a way to Phoenix! He rented a condo with a great swimming pool and it was so much fun! The kids and grown ups loved the po! 
We took the kids to the zoo and to this rail road museum. They had fun climbing on the stagecoach, playing at the park, riding a little train and the carousel! 
Pretending is such fun! Juju wants to do everything big brother Jackson does.

Jordan Kitty

Jordan is in a phase where he thinks he is a cat! I guess kids go through all kinds of phases and this is his. He meows instead of talking, he is pretty funny!