Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kid fun

My weeks pretty mush consist of the same things, the ones that bring me joy and that is spendin time with the kids! Jackson learned to ride a 2 wheel bike this week and that was a huge accomplishment! One of those life altering things we learn to do that defines us as moving up in the world! At first he was just too scared and didn't have self confidence (we have all been there). Then with some great encouragement and some bribery from grandma he tried it! We are all a little wobbly when we first tackle something hard or new, he kept trying and before you knew it he was riding like a pro! His confidence is through the roof and he and grandmas went to get the promised Banana Split!
Juliet is such a darling little girl! There is no fear in this one! She tries to do everything and anything even things that the boys won't attempt!  She climbed up on this electrical box all by herself! Gave her mom a heart attack at church when she disappeared from the nursery and had the whole ward looking for her! She was hiding in a room with the door closed! She climbs monkey bars, slides and walls at the park with no apprehension at all! She can be very, very loud and then soft and sweet! She is very musical and know several songs and keeps in tune very well! Loves he Papa!
Went to babysit while the kids are meeting with the realtor about their house ! Juju always says "tubby, tubby" when she wants a bath! So I out her in the tub with bubbles and before I knew it we had a full house! Tabbies for everybody!

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