Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The kids

I have been thinking a lot about my kids lately. They are all grown with their own lives. We rarely hear from Dusty as he is so busy with his shop. He needs more employees but is finding it difficult to find good help so he works 14-16 hour days. He lives in Murphysboro Illinois. Cory is also busy, we hear from him a little more often, he is in the Coast GuRd stationed in Mystic CT. He is a public affairs person at the Voast Guard Academy. He gets to write, draw, photograph and interview guardsmen and public figures in his job. Right. Is he is researching and writing a book. He recently took a trip overseas to France to research WWII sites for his book. Misty is also busy teaching school. She ,over it. Recently she started designing and making her a craft room at their house. She has a
new sewing machine. She likes to paint, craft, and sew and I see great things blossoming in that girl. Pete I in the process of buying his first home here in Tucson. They have an offer in on one now and are very excited to finally put down roots and have a place they can call home.

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