Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ward camp out 2015

The ward camp out was so fun, laughter, talking, eating, the smells and sounds of happiness. Juj wanted to take her Barbie for a walk so we stuck her in the jacket and off we went! Juju loves to be going all the time she has so much energy!
The sunset was so amazing this night, many people posted about it on Face Book and we got to see it from the top of Mt. Lemmon which was spectacular!
I caught this precious moment of our Pete taking some quiet time to witness Gods  majesty! 
Then the night fell and little Juju grew very concerned about the darkness and having to sleep in the tent was frightening for her! Grandma tried to console her by showing her the stars...she said they were very sparkly! She slept for a little while until the neighboring tent decided it was time to talk and sing around the campfire juju and the boys could not sleep so at 1:45 Pete threw in the towel and said we were leaving! Scaring poor me to death as he opened the van door- I thought for sure a bear was getting in and going to eat me! Down the mountain we went arriving home about 3:00 am! Papa and Ibwent up the next morning to take down the camp! Pap couldn't go to camp as he works nights! We sure did miss him!
The little boys were so cute trying to roast their hot dogs for dinner, their daddy out did himself with this awesome fire (the best one in the whole camp everyone came to use ours) it was so hot though the boys couldn't get close enough to roast their dogs! Daddy helped! 
Here Pere is starting his amazing fire with only one match and no paper or lighter fluid- that man is a scout!
Tent is up, beds rolled out and the party begins! 
Where's Juju?

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