Sunday, September 13, 2015

We will never forget!

It was 14 years ago on September 11, 2001 that America was attacked on her own soil! A tragic day for a nation like ours. Muslim extremists got control of 4 airliners and began a horrific attack on America! At about 8:10 in the morning the first jumbo jet was flown over New York into the heart of the city hitting tower #1. I was driving to work and heard the news say a smal plane had accidentally hit one of the twin towers. I thought to myself how did a small plane not see he was flying over NY and then hit the building! But then the news vroke in again and said abscond plane had hit tower #2 and that both planes were big jets carrying passengers! There was no question then that this was a deliberate act of terrorism! First responders scrambled to help the people trapped in the burning buildings as disbelief and horro struck our nation at the very core! Everything  across the nation came to a stand still, all planes were grounded and we watch the television with horror as the buildings started to collapse. People in desperation that help was not coming jumped from high above the ground to their deaths! The horror was not over as the news came I. To say another plane had been flown into the pentagon. Fire and smoke flooding the skies over Washington DC and NYC. Madness, when would it stop? What was next! Feeling heleas and scared the nation glued to the news casts! Then another hijacked plane missing the White House and crashing into a Pennsylvania field killing all 163 people aboard Flight 93. It did not go down without a fight as many passengers frantically using their cell phones to alert loved ones. A military man aboard took charge and his last words to his wife were "Let's Roll"! There are many theories about why the jet crashed into a fid and we will toons my never know- but many lives were saved that day because it did! So heart wrenching for the families of those who were aboard!  This day will remain in infamy as 911, this day we honor those who lost their lives to this senseless act of cowardice and hate! Our nation has never been the same, for awhile we were stronger but we are slowly forgetting our brotherhood and patriotism- our country is I. Dire straits because of lack of leladershop and because of pride. I will never forget where u was when the wod stopped turning for one brief moment! I was driving on I-70 toward my work in Grand  Junction Colorado! 

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