Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cory's New Adventure

Cory shipped out this morning aboard the Coast Guad Ice Breaker Healy. He will be gone for 2 1/2 months, which puts him back in Alaska somewhere around the middle to end of October. He is going to document through photographs and stories the mission of this ice breaker. He said there were 140 aboard the ship. This includes crew and many scientists. The scientists will study all kinds of things from ice flow, water temperatures, medical, environmental and other studies. It is the very first unaccompanied trip to the Arctic. Usually the ship has escorts and a helicopter but this time they are floating solo. That is a little unnerving, but got to trust they know what they are doing.
This pictur is a picture Cory sent of the "Big Red Beast" he called her, the CG Ice Breaker Healy.
Cory has spent the past three days here at Dutch Harbor Unalaska. He got to see them preparing the ship to go out to sea. The logistics are incredible he said. Food and supplies and I hope some 'ordinance'. Dutch Harbor has a history from World War II as it was the only other place on American soil that was bombed at the time Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was bombed. It has been rebuilt and serves as a major fishing village grossing several billion dollars in fishing revenue mostly haddock and cod.
While Cory was there at Dutch Harbor he was able to take advantage of the water and went kayaking. That boy never wastes an opportunity to have an adventure of some kind. Communication will be spotty at best while he is gone, mostly just email. We eagerly await the photos to start coming. Cory will photograph all aspects of life aboard a Coast Guard Ice Breaker, from stem to stern and the work they are doing aboard. All his work will go through Seattlebefore being posted on the Coast Guard website. Cory has an eye for photography and he is the best there is. He finds the best shots and captures the essence of what is going on around him in the best possible light. So excite...prays and ,I've shipping out with him today and everyday he is gone.

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