Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Today I don't have aid true to go with my blog, but I wanted to write about my scripture reading this morning. How wonderful are the scriptures? They are a powerful influence in my life. Today I read in 
1 Nephi 17, Nephi was commanded to build a boat, something he had no experience or knowledge of how to do it, yet he didn't whine or decline to command...he went forth with faith in the Lord. How often in my life am I asked to do hard things,methinks that maybe I feel inadequate doing? There are many times.moften I get a calling and I wonder to myself How does the Lord think Incan do this? I want to decline or whine about it. Several years ago I was called to be the Stake Primary president, I couldn't believe that the Lord wanted me to do this,most of all the more qualified women in the stake. I remember going to the scriptures when pondering counsellors to be called to serve with me and I was directed to 1 Nephi 17-18 I soon came to realize that if the Lord could direct Nephi to build a boat (and not like the manner of that time but what the Lord designed, then He could help me build a Primary Presidency. So I completely trusted the Lord. He came through for me as he did for Nephi. He called great women of faith and knowledge to serve with me. Together with the Lords help we built something wonderful. We were more hands on than any stake primary I have ever been privy to. We visited every week one of the wards,Mae helped and served beside our sweet sisters. We held workshops that built confidence and strength. I feel the sisters felt loved and supported during my 3 1/2 years. During that time a Spanish branch was formed and I went every Sunday to play the piano for them and help them get up and running. I felt through my service during this time that I truly had found the promised land. It was way out of my comfort zone, something I would never believe I could do, but through these chapters in the Book of Mormon I knew the Lord would help and bless me. As I read these chapters again today I am reaffirmed in my convictions and trust in the Lord. It is a great day and I feel loved.

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