Thursday, June 18, 2015

San Diego Vacation 2015

Pictures from the beach on Coronado Island, Jordan chasing waves and laughing so hard!
Papa and I just love this place, we have come so many times that it feels like home to us more and more!
Juliet and Jackson, everything he did she wanted to do - she really looks up to him and wants to be like him. That girl has no fear!
It was fun to see Pete enjoy his little family and relax! Water was perfect and the cooler weather wAs so welcome as we left temperatures of 109 in Tucson!
This is a very rare sight and I felt so blessed to capture it on film! These two really love each other!
Jackson teaching his little sister how to play in the surf, such a cute little relationship between brother and sister!
Run fast here comes the wave... They were all trying to get away unfortunately Jordan didn't quite make it and got pulled under by the wave... He was done after that was pretty traumatic for him and the salt water burned his little eyes!
The reflection on the water was so beautiful and the sillouette was so fun! Jenny and Jack having fun in the water!
Hey everybody look at me!

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