Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Water Fun

Summer fun at grandma's swimming pool - well not ours but in the neighborhood where we live!
Over the course at a few weeks of swimming nearly every day the kids are getting more brave in the water! At first we could barely get them in past their knees and Jordan not at all! Now they use their pool noodles and Jack pretty much goes everywhere around the pool.
Jordan uses the side of the pool to get around and is doing quite well! Heaven forbid though don't splash even a drop of water on him because he throws the biggest fit and screams like you are killing him! So pretty much you can't have fun with any of the kids because they all throw a fit if you even suggest having fun or doing what the other kids are doing! So we just leave them alone - sure would be fun to play with them though! Maybe someday when we are too old! LOL

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